Wednesday, June 14, 2017

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Consultant

E-commerce is expanding like never before. Businesses are going online to reap more profits than before. Good online marketing is required to help a business grow steadily and consistently. Search Engine Optimisation, simply known as SEO, is the most popular way to advertise online. Before you hire a Toronto SEO consultant to devise the marketing content for your company don’t forget to ask them the following questions.

I. Can You Show Me A List Of Your Current And Past Clients?

If your SEO Consultant is popular for his performance, he will have no problem in sharing a list of past and presents clients with you. You can contact those clients to know if they were satisfied with the work their SEO consultant had done.

II. What Methods Will You Use?

SEO consultants who have the skill-set to perform the job at hand will not hesitate to share their method of working with you. Be careful of those agencies that are unable to explain the strategies they use to increase the ranking of their client’s website.

III. How Experienced Are You In Providing SEO Services?

This is another very important but easily forgotten question to ask an SEO consultant. Most people search for local businesses online so make sure that it specialises in local SEO techniques.

IV. Will You Communicate The Changes You Make On My Website?

Nothing but “yes” should be the answer to this question. To make your website SEO-friendly the agency might make many changes to it. You need to know what modifications it makes to your website. If you want the agency to ask for your permission before making big changes then tell them before they start.

V. What Are The Fees For Your Services?

Don’t take this question for granted. It is one thing to agree to a price orally and another when you put it down in writing. Formulate a written agreement so that the SEO consultant does not change the fees to extort more from you.

These are a few questions that will help you know an SEO Consultant better before you hire them. is a professional group of people who provide great services in SEO in Toronto. They also offer web development, content managing systems and logo design and branding services. Get in touch with them now at